Crafting is for everyone. Seriously!

Don't roll your eyes at me or look around hoping I am talking about the person behind you. Seriously, you can craft too. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE crafting. I designed and put together all of the flowers for my wedding 18 years ago. I have done flowers and centerpieces for several weddings over the years.... Continue Reading →


Hey, so I am taking over a section of my moms blog. I am affectionately nicknamed Bug. I won’t get into why that is my nickname. I’m 13, which means I am in those awkward teenage years. Whatever that means!! I am growing up on my grandparents dairy farm and I am following in my... Continue Reading →

Future Implications

The social media landscape is changing. These changes are caused by both changes in human behavior and technology changes. You are probably thinking what changes is this chick talking about? My social media isn’t changing. Well, it’s changing the world around you and you just don’t realize it. It used to be that we got... Continue Reading →

Viral Marketing Initiatives

Let’s talk viral marketing and what makes it “viral”? So this is an interesting topic for me. Why is a word that I seem to use a lot!! My mom used to just say “because I said so” because I was always asking why. As I have gotten older, my natural inquisitive nature has made... Continue Reading →

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

So I was cruising the bookstore looking for the next big read... I have always been a huge fan of Daisy Goodwin. I loved the American Heiress, so when I encountered Victoria on the shelf, I had to get it. Goodwin did not disappoint. I loved the historical details and honestly, I couldn't put the... Continue Reading →


Did you know that we are living in what some are calling a "Gig economy"? Get that puzzled look off your face, it's really not that complicated. I am not talking about Gigs of memory for a computer or anything that brain numbing. I am talking about living in a society where just about everyone... Continue Reading →

Missing in action…

I'm sorry I have been missing in action these last couple of weeks. As you may have surmised from some of my more academic blog posts, I am working on my MBA. Yes, I am a glutten for punishment. The weather has turned warmer (ok, who am I kidding 80 degrees is hot) and outside... Continue Reading →

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