Gumpy Old Man

No I am not talking about my husband… lol. I am talking about the love of my daughter’s life, her horse. Rohan is what I call, a grumpy old man. He has an attitude and will make sure you know exactly what he doesn’t want to do. This past weekend he made sure to show us his displeasure with us being away by dumping all of his food on the ground. Sure he still ate it but he made as much of a mess as he could.

He loves to get brushed and groomed, well all except those pesky hooves. He will fight her every step of the way when it comes to picking hooves. He likes to tease and make it look like he is going to lift his hoof but at the last second, he will side step. Every single time!! Thankfully she never gives up. She is getting better and better at dealing with frustration and perseverance.

I have been trying to tell her that Rohan is only better preparing her for life. There will be those people who will come into her life that can be just like her grumpy old man. They will love it when things go their way, but will get testy when they are faced with a challenge that they don’t like. They will tease you and make you think that they are doing something nice and will eventually end up side stepping you and making you look like the idiot. I bet you know someone like this. I know I can think of a few people who fit this bill over the years. The funny thing is that these same people will eventually realize that she can’t be deterred. She will prevail and may just make a friend for life.

The lesson that I hope my daughter gains is that eventually she will prevail. Don’t give up and hard work will help you reach your goal, even if it is only to get the grumpy old man to lift his hoof.

The Grumpy Old Man


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