Groundhog Day is really a thing in PA

Yes, you read that correctly.. Groundhog Day is a big deal in Central Pennsylvania. What can I say, meteorology is the only science that allows a rodent to predict the weather. From the way the weather has been since February 2nd, I would say he is more accurate the actual weatherman.

We have watched the groundhog make his predictions on television for many years, but this year, we decided to actually go to Gobbler’s Knob. There is always a big crowd so we left early… like I don’t remember sleeping early!! It actually wasn’t as hard to get everyone moving as I thought it would be. Thankfully the hubby was driving. He is used to early morning driving for work so it was just another day for him. Me on the other hand…. it was way too early and oh did I mention it was cold too? I watched the temperature drop the farther north we travelled. Not only did the temperature drop but the snow decided to fall too.

I hate cold and snow… this was not going to be a good combination at all, but this was supposed to be a fun family event. I could survive a couple of hours in the cold. I can do this. So what should have been a two hour trip ended up being a three and a half hour trip. Thankfully my husband can be calm driving in horrible weather. I would have turned around….

So I am planner, you will find that out so I had us park in the walkers parking lot. The research I had seen said it was only a 15 minute walk to Gobbler’s Knob. Yeah, it failed to tell me it was a mile and half, up hill. Talk about killer!! It was cold, dark and all uphill. It was longer than 15 minutes too. LOL! We did arrive just in time to see a spectacular fireworks display. I did not get the best photos of them but this display was pretty good for a small event.


So we had to wait until 7:15 for them to bring Phil out to make is prediction but the entertainment was not half bad. There were some local groups that played and kept the crowd moving, which was especially important in the cold temperatures. Did I mention it was cold?

It was really a unique experience to see the whole process and ritual of the 132 year old tradition. While Phil did not give me the prediction I had hoped for, six more weeks of winter, I can say that I attended a Groundhog Day at Gobbler’s Knob. Will I do it again? Probably not anytime in the near future but there is always the possibility for another year. Now I am going to go curl up with a blanket and try to get warm again.

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