Who likes to shop for glasses?

The simple answer is “NO” we all hate to shop for glasses. We never can find the style or colors that we like. I hate standing at the eye doctors trying on glasses and never finding ones that work. The whole process is dreaded.

We recently needed to order glasses for our daughter. We all wear contacts in our house, so glasses aren’t really all that important. We wear our glasses on bad days and right before bed. She was complaining that her glasses were different from her contacts and it made it hard to read before bed, so it was time to update her glasses. There was really no reason to use our insurance for glasses, so I went shopping for other alternatives.

I did what I always do anymore when I need recommendations… I turned to Facebook. I reached out to the mom groups on Facebook and they had great suggestions. I searched through reviews and finally settled on Zenni. Great service, fast service and quick shipping made the whole process easier. Did I mention I didn’t have to spend an arm and leg to get new glasses? It was a wonderful experience. Guess I need to update my prescription so I can order new glasses.

So this whole thing got me thinking… it didn’t hurt that I am also taking a class about social media marketing either, where did this whole concept of online shopping, especially with the dreaded glasses start?

It’s trivia time. Did you know…

  • Warby Parker launched in 2010, solely focused on online distribution.
  • They cut out the middle man, and reduced the cost of purchasing glasses.
  • Satisfied consumers are encouraged to show their glasses online and share it through their social media sites.
  • Early model that used disruption to make an impact on the traditional marketplace.

Ok, I know. You are probably thinking what a geek with all the facts and why should I even care? I never realized how much I rely on social media. Yes, social media can be addictive, however, in moderation, it can be very beneficial. I have found companies that I would not have known about otherwise, through social media. I have been able to stay connected with family through social media. I follow companies that I like or shop with on social media, and I can sometimes get in on online only deals by following them.

As I mentioned earlier, I turned to social media for recommendations. I knew that my mom community would have suggestions and input. It’s not just little things like where can I get balloons, or a paw patrol costume on short notice. I also rely on them for the bigger things like doctors, and schools. Currently, we are all looking at summer programs.

Does social media play an important role in your life? Do you use it for product reviews and recommendations? Do you use it to stay connected? Do you use it for business purposes? Have you found a happy balance for social media usage? I would be interested in hearing your feedback. Comment or message me with your thoughts about social media.

Photo by Sebastian Mantel on Unsplash
Mahoney, L. Meghan and Tang Tang (2017). Strategic Social Media: From Marketing to Social Change. Wiley Blackwell: West Sussex, UK. 

One thought on “Who likes to shop for glasses?

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  1. Stephenie,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. You make substantial points in the use of social media, with challenging questions. From my perspective, I do not have social media because I was not necessarily addicted with it but was distracted by it. Eliminating social media was the best decision I could have made because it was taking away from my productivity with work and taking me away from focusing on the little things in life. The less I use my phone the more I can appreciate life through the worlds greatest camera, my eyes. Though I am young and may seem weird for me not to have social media I found it toxic to my life, my news feed was filled with people complaining about their problems, or posting negative things and ended up making me a more negative person. No one needs social media to stay connected. Everyone has a cell phone or a land line, all we have to do is pick it up text, call, or facetime them. Social media has consumed people into thinking they need it in order to “stay connected” when in reality its much simpler to do that. The reason I chose your blog was because I am coming from a completely different perspective, if you are able to use social media in moderation and can reap the benefits of it than that is great. If your circle of friends and family are not posting negative or complaining material than that is great too, which makes your experience all that more enjoyable. Now even though I don’t have social media, I still use the internet to shop online or get product reviews etc. I believe the internet is a great thing because we have all the answers at our finger tips, but lets not forget the fact that its allowed us to be lazy.

    I love your post and can understand how you see the benefits of social media!


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