Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

So I was cruising the bookstore looking for the next big read… I have always been a huge fan of Daisy Goodwin. I loved the American Heiress, so when I encountered Victoria on the shelf, I had to get it. Goodwin did not disappoint.

I loved the historical details and honestly, I couldn’t put the book down. I started the book at a my daughters riding lesson and raced home afterwards to curly up on the couch to finish it. It’s 401 pages of awesomeness.

So let’s talk story line… I promise no spoilers for those who haven’t read it. With everything going on with the next royal wedding coming up with Prince Harry, everyone is all abuzz about the monarchy. So my reading this book was actually perfect timing. While I know that the story is not really true it is a fascinating account of what could have been. I was rooting for Lord M every step of the way… not gonna tell you what happens… LOL. I was secretly screaming at everyone who doubted Victoria and would have gladly throttled those who thought they knew better how Victoria should run the country. Goodwin pulled me into this royal world of Victoria’s and I couldn’t put the book down.

I would love to have a continuation of the book but I am not sure if it is so much about the characters that Goodwin is writing about or whether it is more about Goodwin’s writing style. She pulls you in and holds on to you until you feel committed to the characters.

This was a super easy read and would make a great rainy day or beach day read. I highly recommend this book.

Country ‘N Lace five star rating!!

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