Future Implications

The social media landscape is changing. These changes are caused by both changes in human behavior and technology changes. You are probably thinking what changes is this chick talking about? My social media isn’t changing.

Well, it’s changing the world around you and you just don’t realize it. It used to be that we got our news from the evening news or the newspaper. Now we get instant news updates through our social media networks. We know everything moments after it happens. This doesn’t just impact news though. Businesses are also seeing these changes affecting how they operate.

Businesses now have more control over what is being said about them. They are creators of their own content. Businesses are now only as good as their search engine placement and that is driven by content. Creating blogs, posting regularly on social media and optimizing their website builds business brands. Not doing any of those things can also kill a company. I mean seriously, who looks beyond page 1 of a Google search? I sure don’t.

Social media also makes it so that businesses can talk directly to their customers. There’s no more of customers having to call during normal business hours, instead customers can go directly to social media to reach businesses and provide feedback. YAY!!! No more “Press 1 for English” or “I’m sorry I don’t understand your request.” Seriously, who likes those automated phone calls? I sure don’t. Now I hit up Facebook and send them a message. Sure I get generic chatbot message but at least I know they got my message and I haven’t ever not gotten a follow-up message, although I am sure it happens.

Having an instant connection with customers and control of the information that is being published via those platforms also means that businesses need to stay on top of things. There can’t be any slacking because customers and followers will catch it and point it out. Neglect is a terrible thing for businesses when it comes to the instant world we live in.

Besides what I mentioned, what do you think businesses have to be aware of when they are dealing with the changing trends with regards to social media and interactions with their customers?

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