Hey, so I am taking over a section of my moms blog. I am affectionately nicknamed Bug. I won’t get into why that is my nickname. I’m 13, which means I am in those awkward teenage years. Whatever that means!! I am growing up on my grandparents dairy farm and I am following in my dad’s footsteps.

I love the country life, especially when it includes horses, tractors and mud. I am a boots, jeans, flannel/ t-shirt, and hat kind of girl. But if you ask me to, I can get dressed up, although I will protest.

I spent several years, ok well more like over 10 years of my life dancing. But now I have moved into the world of sports… No I am not a cheerleader. Get that out of your head!! I have played softball and it was ok. Hitting little balls hurtling through the air at me is not really my thing but I gave it a try. I am actually going to be playing soccer this fall for a local team. Yeah, yeah. I know they are still balls hurtling through the air but at least I have a better shot of dodging it and worst case it won’t hurt as much when I bounce the ball off my head.

I love to do pageants, ride horses, take pictures, help on my grandparents dairy farm and spend time with my family. Yes, you read that right… this country girls likes pageants and competitions. But not just any pageant either. You aren’t going to see me running for Miss America anytime soon. I participate in programs that help me promote agriculture.

Agriculture is my family’s livelihood. Without it my grandparents wouldn’t have jobs or a place to live.  I currently hold titles as the National Junior Miss United States Agriculture and the National Miss Agriculture USA Junior Ambassador. These programs aren’t just about big hair, fancy dresses and walking the runway. It is hard work. I had to memorize an introduction, write and essay and be interviewed by judges. It’s not easy and definitely hard for a girl like me who prefers to keep company with her horses.

As for riding horses, I ride at my cousins stable but I also have my own horse, the love of my life, Rohan, or as my mom calls him… the grumpy old man. So I may not get to ride as often as I like with everything else going on, but Rohan has taught me so much… patience is unfortunately not one of those things though.

You can usually find me with a camera. Whether it’s my iPhone or my Nikon camera, I love to take pictures. I don’t have a subject preference. Just whatever I think looks good. I have been focusing on taking pictures that show life on the farm including field sunsets, tractors, my family, and animals.

I like to help out on my grandparents dairy farm because if it means that I get to help milk cows, feed calves, ride in tractors, and spend time with my grandparents… I’m in. I also like to spend time with my whole family (which is pretty big, my mom has 5 brothers, yikes!!), I like to play games, talk, and just generally hang out with my family. I know not something that you usually hear a teenager say, but my family is pretty cool.

I love a good challenge. Weather it’s dealing with the mean girls, stacking a lot (and by a lot I mean A LOT) of hay bales, or dealing with my grumpy old man Rohan… I will be there to accept that challenge. Now, that you know I do a lot of stuff in my life, you should know that sleep is not a number one priority in my life. So be on the lookout as I chronicle the life of a teenage country girl in the Musings of a Mini-Me.

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