Crafting is for everyone. Seriously!

Don’t roll your eyes at me or look around hoping I am talking about the person behind you. Seriously, you can craft too.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE crafting. I designed and put together all of the flowers for my wedding 18 years ago. I have done flowers and centerpieces for several weddings over the years. Don’t try and tell me that isn’t being crafty. It’s not easy to see colors and know that they will go together and then execute it. Trust me… my husband has tried to help me. Sorry, honey not everyone has an eye for design. I ignored my love of crafting for years. First there was college, then there was a baby and then more college. But in October, I finally graduated with my master degree and suddenly I have time… ohhh what to do with all of my time? I started crafting again.

I found an amazing way to make those really expensive signs and to make them affordably. My favorite medium is paint, more specifically chalk paint but I also use vinyl, and cardstock.

Be on the lookout for photos of some of my creations and step-by-step instructions on how to execute.

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