Future Implications

The social media landscape is changing. These changes are caused by both changes in human behavior and technology changes. You are probably thinking what changes is this chick talking about? My social media isn’t changing. Well, it’s changing the world around you and you just don’t realize it. It used to be that we got... Continue Reading →

Viral Marketing Initiatives

Let’s talk viral marketing and what makes it “viral”? So this is an interesting topic for me. Why is a word that I seem to use a lot!! My mom used to just say “because I said so” because I was always asking why. As I have gotten older, my natural inquisitive nature has made... Continue Reading →


Did you know that we are living in what some are calling a "Gig economy"? Get that puzzled look off your face, it's really not that complicated. I am not talking about Gigs of memory for a computer or anything that brain numbing. I am talking about living in a society where just about everyone... Continue Reading →

Missing in action…

I'm sorry I have been missing in action these last couple of weeks. As you may have surmised from some of my more academic blog posts, I am working on my MBA. Yes, I am a glutten for punishment. The weather has turned warmer (ok, who am I kidding 80 degrees is hot) and outside... Continue Reading →

Social Media Musings

I don't know about you but social media is both a blessing and a curse. For Lent, and no I am not Catholic but I like the concept of Lent, I decided to reduce the time I spend on social media. What makes this even funnier is that I am taking a class all about... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Farming

So I live in the country. My in-laws have a dairy farm. My daughter is one of Pennsylvania's Junior Miss United States Agriculture Queens. My husband has lived and worked on a farm for his entire 40 years. I lived on a farm for the first almost 10 years of my life.  Agriculture is a... Continue Reading →

Black and on the floor…

I got your attention, didn't I? Now what in the heck do I mean by this blog post title? Has the country air finally gotten to me? There is a method to my madness, so bare with me. I promise I have a point. How many of you have seen the weird random one word... Continue Reading →

Who likes to shop for glasses?

The simple answer is “NO” we all hate to shop for glasses. We never can find the style or colors that we like. I hate standing at the eye doctors trying on glasses and never finding ones that work. The whole process is dreaded. We recently needed to order glasses for our daughter. We all... Continue Reading →

A hamster on a wheel

Time seems to always get away from me, whether it be the day or the weekend. I blink and my weekend is gone and everything I had planned to do hasn't been done. It's not that I was unproductive, I just get easily distracted. Let's be honest here, as parents our minds are going a... Continue Reading →


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