A hamster on a wheel

Time seems to always get away from me, whether it be the day or the weekend. I blink and my weekend is gone and everything I had planned to do hasn't been done. It's not that I was unproductive, I just get easily distracted. Let's be honest here, as parents our minds are going a... Continue Reading →

FabFitFun Boxes

Who hasn't seen the ads on Facebook for the FabFitFun boxes? Well, I ordered the editors box just to see what the hype was all about. I will be reviewing the eight items that I got in my box. I was honestly surprised at how much stuff I got in the box and it's not... Continue Reading →

Where I come from?

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania. The running joke is that around here we only have two season, winter and construction season... Seriously though, I grew up in the country around dairy farms. Let me tell you, I do NOT like cows at all - chasing cows, milking cows or feeding cows. Horses, now that... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon… Book Reviews

The way to my heart is through words... I found this image on Twitter and it couldn't be more true. Be on the look out for reviews of books that I am reading. I will be tracking my books via GoodReads, so feel free to suggest books that you think that I might be interested... Continue Reading →

Yikes… it’s almost 2018.

They say that goals aren't really goals until you write them down. Guess that is why my New Year's resolutions just don't seem to stick. Well, I have decided that 2018 is going to be different. I am not writing anything down though. I have decided that it is time to go with the flow... Continue Reading →


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